Sacrificial Shoe

Author – Gianni Schicchi

“I went to go for a run through the river trail park by my apartment, but when I got to the trail the gate was shut and locked. It turned out that the trail closed at 6pm even though it is sunny this time of year until almost 9pm.  Figuring I had hours of sun left and realizing that I was skinny enough to slide between the gate and the fencepost, I slid in anyway just for a quick run.  I had lost one of my running shoes in mud the day before, so I was stuck wearing my casual Sperry’s, but it was just a quick run for exercise-nothing serious or competitive-so I decided to tough it out and deal with the loose boat shoes for the day. 

I ran about two miles and eventually came to a little railing overlooking the river, and I paused to drink some water and catch my breath.  I leaned back against the railing and rested my foot on the fence, not realizing that the wires were flexible and my shoe wedged itself in without me realizing it.

After only a second-not even enough time to catch my breath-I turned my head a saw a guard, who promptly started turning around.  Remembering I wasn’t supposed to be there, I bolted, and my shoe stayed right where is was, wedged in the fence.  I ducked behind the taller solid railing of a nearby bridge and hid while the guard headed to where I had just been standing. I knew I would have to sacrifice my shoe, so I managed to sneak a picture it before it was yanked out.  He complained about kids sneaking in and tried to free my shoe, and I watched in horror as the heel slid free and the shoe fell straight down, plummeting into the river below.

The guard said it served the owner right, losing their shoe as punishment for sneaking into a closed park.  I had to awkwardly walk the two miles back to my car without my left shoe, and drive to the shoe store still wearing only one.”


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