Metro Ride

Author – Lucylex

I ride the metro everyday for work . On this particular morning I was quite tired when I stepped on. My loafers are worn and loose and I tend to slip out of them in public now matter where I am . Became a habit and on this day I was wearing very worn white trouser socks. Completely filthy. I slid my feet out of my shoes and before I knew it the metro was coming to a hault . My shoes slid forward and under the next few seats they went . I sat there in shock looking down at filthy socked feet. Completely embarrassed I wasn’t sure Wat to do . I stood up quickly exited my seat and walked down the isle in my socks. Many people were getting off and on at this stop and it made looking for my loafers almost impossible . After looking for about 5 strait minutes of jus saying excuse me and bending down to look under seats in my filthy white socks. I practically gave up and went back to my seat where to my dismay and young gentleman and a lady were seating and my bag no where to be found . I panicked at this point because my wallet and phone and work stuff was in my bag and now on top of that I’m in sheer stocking feet in the middle of the subway. I was completely embarrassed and at a loss of Wat I should do. People looked at my crazy and asked where my shoes were ? I sat wiggling my socked toes untill my stop where I sadly exited with out mu bag and my shoes .


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