The fence

Author – Lucylex

A couple years back I used to walk home from school quite often. I didnt like doing it most of the time but i would stay after school for extra activitys and miss the buss sometimes. there were always kids staying after and hanging around the school in the gym and the lunch room. anyways one day im leaving and starting to walk a couple blocks home when i noticed a couple boys that liked to pick on me alot. I didnt really think much of it but i had a long walk home so started walk a little bit faster. i noticed they did the same thing and started jogging. i started to dash and cut a corner at the next block. ran down the alleyway only to hit a tall fence. i could here them sprinting so i reluctantly started to climb. i was about half way up and and they had just made it to the bottom of the fence. one of the boys started to climb very fast intent on not letting me get away evidently. i remember throwing one of my legs over the fence and getting ready to do the same with my other one right as the boy grabs the back of my shoe. at this point i cant lift my leg and hes not letting go. my shoe tied tight and i was trying pull free. he new i was at an advantage and was struggling to keep a hold. he held my my foot tightly and began to tease me to come back over the fence and to come down and they wouldnt hurt me. i refused but he pulled out a pocket knife and wanted to play a prank on me. i thought he was gonna cut and i literally afraid for a split second untll my heart dropped when he started to cut the laces on my chuck. i was wearing high top chuck taylors with very thin white trouser socks. he was grinning and slowly cutting the laces on my shoe. i felt my shoe loosening as he was saying “easy there, dont struggle.”  finally the last lace tore and my shoe practically slid off like butter into his hand. i quickly threw my leg and socked foot over the fence and dropped to the ground right as he did. we stared at each other and he laughed while holding my shoe. my socks were filthy and frankly i felt embarassed standing in one shoe and a socked foot because my exposed sock was so worn it had a whole at tip of my toe. the boy took his knife and tore my shoe to pieces. i saw him toss it a dumpster and walk out the way he came. i quickly hurried out the way and made it home. it was very embarassing walking home and my sock was filthy and even more torn by the time i got home. didnt quite no how to explain what happened to my parents haha.


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