The Subway

Author – Sockboy


I was at a party at my friends house. When the party was ended I went home. It was about 3:00 in the morning when I got to the subway station. The train was emty when I got in and I found a place in the back. I sat down and when it started moving I took off my sneakers and put my feet on the bench in front of me.

My eyes felt kind of heavy so I closed them for a moment. After a few minutes it stopped in the next station, I opened my eyes and I saw some guys getting in. It seemed to me they were a little drunk. I didn’t pay attention to them because they got into another compartment. The train started moving again and I thought, don’t fall asleep now. But as it was moving I closed my eyes again. I had this dream about how some guys made fun of me because I sat there in my socks and they were laughing. Laughing?

I woke up in a panic and there they were, the guys who came in just before. One of them had picked up my sneakers and asked, “Are you comfy?” I was a little confused and could only say yes. And they were laughing again. Then he said,  “If you are comfortable now, you don’t need these anymore, I guess, what shall we do with them?” I said I would like to get them back.

Then one of the other guys said, “We can throw them out the window.” I got a little scared at that moment and said, I would really like to get them back. Then the first guy said, “but you are comfy now, aren’t you? You just said that”. I confirmed it and I said that I needed them to get home. He said “then, you can go home in your socks too” and they were laughing again.

In the meantime the train had stopped again and I could see in a glimp that I had to go for six more stations. I asked the guys for my sneakers again but they only made fun of me. They said things like, “look at him in his snowwhite socks” and “must be nice to walk in socks”.

I got more scared because I really got the feeling I wouldn’t get my sneakers back. In the next station there were three girls boarding and the guys started chatting with them and pointing at me. One of the girls started making pictures of me and I felt embarrassed at that moment.

I asked once more for my sneakers but I didn’t get a reaction. They were just talking with eachother. At the next station my thought became reality, the guys got out and took my sneakers with them. I was afraid of saying or doing anything because they were four of them. Then the doors closed and the train moved on, when I looked outside I could see this guy holding up my sneakers and he was laughing. Those three girls had moved to the other compartment and I was alone again. I could only think of my lost sneakers and the way home.

Finally I got to the station where I had to go out, and I started walk home. It was a twenty minute walk, at first I felt embarrassed but when I got out of the station it felt pretty good. I was lucky it was dry and not too cold.




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