My Girlfriend – Part 2

Author – Laramie

The second morning when I woke up I got showered and dressed sit down and put on my socks and then remembered Kim had my right shoes . I walked down stairs wearing my left Boot and a black sock. My mom was standing there and seen me and ask where is your shoe I told her Kim took them she exploded and told me she was not buying new ones and I better get them back are learn to hop. I walked to the car and mom took me to school lecturing me all the way to school . when we got to school mom said isn’t it embarrassing going to school wearing one shoe I told her yes that’s why I my sock is the same color as my shoe so it’s not as noticeable. Mom said you better come home with all your right shoes ToDay!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I walked in and found Kim and ask her could I please have my shoes back she said she couldn’t give them back because she did have them anymore. I told her I was in trouble if I didn’t get them .Kim said sorry she had thrown them away. I did not believe her and went to class of course all the guys gave me a hard time. I ask Kim for my shoe, again at lunch she got mad and said she didn’t have them and broke up with me. When school was out I tried to talk to Kim again but she said if you can’t believe me just don’t talk to me and walked off so I went home still with not having any right shoes.




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