Michael’s Business Trip

Author – Andy


Michael was on a business trip. it was in a far away town, so he had to take the plane one day earlier, on a sunday afternoon. he took a cab to his hotel. When he arrived he was shocked! the hotel was in a run-down area! trash all over. Why did his firm always choose the cheapest hotels?!

He paid the driver and went into the hotel. he found a small reception, with a grimly looking man behind. he checked in, got the key and took the stairs to the 4th floor, to his room. He didn’t dare to take the elevator, because this hotel looked very run-down too!

He dropped his small suitcase on the bed and slipped out of his brand new loafers. they were black patent leather slippers, which were still very tight. He was annoyed, that he had chosen these shoes, but he extra had bought them for this trip. the next day, he had an important meeting and because he only stayed one night, he only had a little suitcase, with no space for extra clothes. Inside were only toilet articles, underpants, socks and a new shirt. He went to the bathroom and while searching the light switch, the trouble went on. He felt his stocking feet got wet! the whole floor was wet. probably the cleaners had wiped the floor, shortly before he came in and didn’t dry it correctly. Angry he took his black socks of and hung them over the radiator. When he opened his suitcase to get the other pair of socks out, he looked shocked. In the haste, that morning, he had grabbed white thin sneaker socks! With no other choice, he put them on.

He looked at his watch. It was 3 pm. He couldn’t stay in the hotel the rest of the day, but in his best suite, he looked a little over dressed in this area. He took his tie off and pulled his shirt out of his trousers. He left his cell phone in his suitcase and took a 100 dollar note from his wallet and placed it in one shoe (muggers don’t expect the money in your shoes! 🙂 He slipped his shoes on and left the room. He gave his room key to the grimly looking man and walked out. He looked around, where to go. Beside the hotel was a small street, which he went down.

He wandered around different streets, which all looked dirty. The people he met, stared at him. a businessman in a nice suit, seemed to be very seldom in this area. He felt a little uneasy and was happy he only had 100 dollar and the clothes he had on. In worst case, if he got mugged, he would lose 100 dollar. after one hour wandering around, his feet hurt in the new shoes. He was relieved, as he finally found a small pub. Inside it was quiet dark. Luckily the barkeeper was the only person in the pub. He sat down on a bar stool, at the far end of the bar. The barkeeper looked amused at him.

“Hey man, got lost?!” nervously he answered, that he was coming from another town and had some business to do.

“It’s not very often, guys like you are coming here! … a beer?”

“Yes, thanks”, he answered.

The first bottle he emptied immediately and ordered another one. Now as he was sitting, he felt his hurting feet. Because he was the only guest, he carefully slipped out of his shoes and silently dropped them under his bar stool. At home he often played with his shoes in public. He liked the risk, that some pranksters could nick and hide them! He knew he couldn’t risk this here, but he quickly could slip them on again, if somebody came in.

Carefully he looked down to the floor. His black shoes were almost invisible in the dark pub, but his white socks were clear visible. He looked out the window and imagined, his shoes had disappeared. He got a thrill, just thinking about it!

Quickly he looked down again, to be sure his shoes still were there. After his third beer, he had to go to the restroom. The door to the toilet was about 10 feet beside him. His feet fumbled for his shoes, but he couldn’t reach them. he had to get down from the bar stool. When he stood beside his stool, he tried to get his feet into his shoes. They were to tight! He had to use his hands to slip them on.

Quickly he looked down to his shoes and his stocking feet. Still feeling the thrill, Michaels thoughts circled
“He was the only guest”
“No one will come in at this time of the day …”
“The barkeeper couldn’t see his feet …”
“It will only take a few minutes …”
“Nothing would happen …”
“His shoes would still be there …”

Before he realized what he had done, he was standing in the restroom … in his white stocking feet, his shoes left behind! Trembling he sneaked into a stall. While he peed, reality came back! Oh no! Shit! What had he done? How stupid was this?! He must be crazy!

Suddenly he heard voices! Loud voices! It seemed, the barkeeper had an argument with someone. To his horror the door to the restroom opened and he heard the barkeeper shouting:

“… just for guests!” The guy who came in shouted back:

“Fuck man! I have to piss!” Michael was sweating! Absolutely silent he remained in the stall! Oh god, Please! NOOO! If this guy saw his shoes on the floor …! He didn’t dare to imagine, what could happen! Oh no!!! What had he done? He was in a foreign city, his only shoes were lying in a seedy pub under a bar stool and he was hiding in a stall in his stocking feet! He tried to calm down. No one takes note of some abandoned shoes under a bar stool.

It seemed like an eternity, until he finally heard the guy leaving the restroom. On tip toes he hurried to the door and listened. The guy was still in the pub. He and the barkeeper had a dispute again!

“Hey man, what you doing? Come up and get out!”

“Stay cool man! Just collect my plastic bag!” he heard the sound from a rustling plastic bag. “Nice pub! Ha-ha! Have a nice day!” then it was silent. He waited a moment and slowly opened the door. Quickly he sneaked back to the bar desk.

Sheer panic set in! His shoes …. Oh NOOO!!! … Were gone!!! He nearly fainted! Sweat was running down his face! Trembling he scanned the floor for his shoes!

“Everything okay, man?” The barkeeper got him out of his state of shock!

“What? … Yes! … Thank you!” Like in trance he sat down on his bar stool.

“You don’t look okay, guy! Did you have problems with the tramp in the restroom?”

“Whom? .. The tramp? No! … No problems!”

“Here, drink another beer!” The barkeeper gave him another bottle. with trembling hands he took the bottle. He was still in a shock state! This couldn’t be real! Far away from home, in a strange city, even worse in a very seedy part, in his best suite and white thin socks, a tramp had taken his shoes! He hadn’t realized yet, that his only money went away with his shoes … :))



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